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23 febrero, 2006
  Mac y Trados: historias con final feliz
Qué ocurre si te pirran los Mac y eres traductor, ¿te resignas a utilizar tu viejo 8.6 para navegar por Internet y te compras un PC Windows para el trabajo? ... ¿O quizá no? Con un nuevo Mac y Virtual PC todo es posible...

Ésta es la respuesta de Jan Sundström, que ha trabajado durante dos años en la localización al sueco de las primeras versiones de OSX.

Thanks Jan for sharing that with us!

I decided to compile some of the other user experience running Trados on Mac over VPC. Since the environment is a crucial factor to whether it will work or not, this will be a good guide.

So based on other people's experience, these are the minimum requirements:

Trados 4.5 and above with USB dongle
OSX 10.1.2 and above (OS9 might work, but I found less evidence)
VPC 5 and above (version must match CPU type)
CPU: G3 333 MHz and above
Mac model: PowerMac and PowerBook (iBook user reported dongle issues)
RAM: preferably 512 Mb and above

Good luck!


List of successful environments for Trados on Mac:

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Henry Vaughan:
Trados does work with VPC
I have a Trados 4.5 licence with a USB dongle
I tried with VPC using Windows 2000 on My 1Gb PowerMac G4 with 1Gb of RAM and it does work quite well, slower than on the PC but very acceptable. You just have to make sure you've got the latest dongle drivers.

Francois Hoareau:
Trados does work within Virtual PC, which is of course unsuported, no matter if the emulation is running within Mac OS 9 or 10.

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Vincent Knobil:
Virtual PC 6 & 7 and Trados (6+) work fine, even on G3 Macs (although obviously, the faster the Mac, the better). Most people feel that Windows 2000 is the best MS OS in terms of performance (in general and on VPC). While launching Windows and apps is very slow, once they are launched, performance is fine (again, even on a G3, at least in my experience).

I've used Trados on Virtual PC, on a lowly G3! I second everything said above. It works fine. Actually, Windows is slow, loading apps is slow, but once everything is loaded and running, it is fast enough. And this is where another great feature comes in: You can launch your whole work environment on the Virtual PC, and just save its current state when you quit. On relaunch, instead of loading Windows etc., it just quickly loads everything as it was when you quit, and you are ready to go.

Word of warning: Until just recently, Virtual PC was incompatible with the G5 processor. Make sure you get the just-released version 7 if you are running a G5-based Mac.

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Stephan Goldsmith:
I am currently using Trados 6.5 Freelance Edition (mind you, it has to be with the USB dongle) and although the Virtual PC is certainly a bit slower than if you would work directly on a PC, it is still fully fonctionnal.

There is one element to take into account though : the more RAM memory you can assign to your Virtual PC, the faster it will run. This means that you need to have a Mac with as much RAM as possible.

Just to give an idea, I am working on a 1.25 Ghz G4 PowerBook with 1024 MB RAM, running Mac OS X (version 10.3.5) and Virtual PC 6.1.1.

The PC I created to use Trados has 512 MB of RAM and disk space that can grow up to 15GB and runs Windows 2000 (I have another Virtual PC with XP, but without Trados)

One of the aspect I like in this configuration is that you can create a master PC with Trados and Office installed for example and store that PC on your hard disk (a newly created PC will be around 1.5 GB). Then, you duplicate that PC and use the copy in production. Your files can stay in your Mac file system as you can freely drag and drop them from the Mac desktop to the PC desktop and vice-versa. In case your production PC starts behaving weirdly, you can simply trash it, make a copy of your master PC and you are up and running again in no time.

So, Trados can be used on a Mac with Virtual PC, provided the following conditions are met :

- You need a copy of Trados with the USB dongle;
- You can allocate as much RAM as possible to your Virtual PC

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I made the switch from windows to MacOs (Tiger) one month ago. I bought a powermac dual 2,0 ghz with 2 gb ram (I do a lot of imaging, photoshopping etc). Trados 6,5 is running under virtual pc 7 and win xp pro as is my spelling checker. I had no problems installing virtual pc and Trados. I still have one problem though: windows recognizes the dongle (I had to install the rainbow usb superpro driver) and when I ask Trados for information about the license, it gives the correct version, dongle and everything. Only, when I start translating, the application runs in demo-mode.

VPC7 was designed specifically for the PowerMac 64-bit environment (as Adobe CS2 is). I have XP pro running under VPC with all settings set to performance (and not graphic detail). Normal word use with trados is free of lag. I am now translating a big file using tag editor and there is some slight lag there. It doesn't bother me at all, however. Spellchecker, dictionary and other apps are lagless. You must, however, allocate a hefty chunk of RAM to VPC and make sure you open VPC as the first application, since that is when it takes the required RAM. I have 2 gig of RAM and only 512 mb allocated to VPC and haven't yet felt the need to increase that. I have 2 GB of RAM for photoshop and since multitasking isn't about making translations and photoshopping at the same time (), I could easily get away with another 512 mb ram for VPC.

Also, I didn't bother to install all the windows updates, firewall or virusscanner for XP, as that is generally the clutter that slows down your pc (and consequently vpc).

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"Trados runs fine on Virtual PC (version 5 is fastest) but you must
have the USB dongle for it to work at all.
For best results first delete two files from the "Cntx" folder: the
VPCHelp and the Vpchelp.vxd, so that those files do not interfere
with the clipboard function and make Trados stick.
After that, Trados will be working like a charm.
My tests under OS 10.1.2 are also OK"

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Yes I have done using VPC and a USB dongle to run Trados 5.5
Freelance on a Powerbook G3 333 (and later with G4/500 upgrade) under
OSX (now Jaguar).

Firstly 256 MB is probably a bit small for OSX and will slow down
Trados. It is acceptbale in speed terms, but there are one or two VPC
settings that will need to be made to ensure that it does not crash.

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